Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Is it just me, or have we played the same three teams for the past 2 weeks? Oh well, I guess division games are a good thing. Especially when you're playing well.Better to get these games in now when instead of during a down period. Buffalo comes into town vulnerable.....but pissed. They coughed up FOUR third period goals against the Pens Saturday night to blow a 2-1 lead and lose 5-2. Ouch. I wouldn't expect to get that lucky tonight. Big effort needed for the full sixty minutes for the good guys. I'm sure Lindy Ruff (God I hate that guy) will have his troops ready to roll tonight. Best way to beat these guys, is to BEAT these guys. Looch needs to set the tome from the opening drop. Hit 'em early and often, letting them know this is going to be a long night. Without getting into the whole "Andrew Peters is useless" thing again, he's the only guy over there to consider a "threat" as far as one on one, legit fighting goes. Adam Mair likes to play the part of a tough guy, as does Patrick Kaleta. But they're both just pretenders. It will be interesting to see how Kaleta acts tonight. He was running his yap all night last time he was here, and trying to get Chara stirred up (bad idea BTW). That is, until Chara gave him a gloved fist in the chops. Kid got dropped like a bad habit and got up with that stunned "what the F just hit me?" look on his face. He'll probably find another target tonight....if he's smart. (No chance he doesn't act like a jerk, he is who he is). I'm calling a 4-2 B's win and going way out a limb by saying that goal Ryder scored the other night is the one to get him going. He scores again tonight. I'm also feeling Looch, Krecji and Kobasew as the other scorers. Probably won't be too much in the way of fireworks, unless A)Buffalo comes out hard and out works Boston. At which point someone on the B's side may feel a need to fire up the boys. Or B)Boston gets out to a big lead and is playing very physically. Buffalo's frustration could lead to some cheapness which will have to be answered. can't wait. Go B's-Kynch

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  1. i'm hearing sturms out tonight (upper body malady?) and nokie is back in on the 4th line, so maybe there will be some flareups that claude is gearing up for, or at least some deeper toughness through the roster.