Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to Kynch's Korner

Hi folks, and welcome to our brand new Bruins (and NHL) blog.Like the rest of you, we're excited for a great 2008-2009 season for the B's. So what better way to celebrate the forth coming successes, than launching our first ever blog (be gentle :) ). This is a new site, so it will be a work in progress as we go along. But in the short term, I'll be posting as often as possible. Pictures will be coming shortly, and we'll try to keep those updated as we go through the season as well. As we get ramped up, here's an idea of a few things you can look forward to seeing here.PHOTOS;We'll have several categories of photo's, including game shots and pictures from any "events" I make it to involving the Bruins.There will also be sub-categories such as:Game jersey of the night/week- Have an old Kvartolnov jersey collecting dust in the closet? Break that rascal out, and there's a good chance your picture will be on the site. Unless of course someone shows up in a Graeme Townshend gamer! (Me and my Allen Pedersen jersey are not eligible.....that's just not a fair fight. It wins nearly any "random jersey" battle.).Fan of the night/week- OK face painters, funny dancers and general whacko's, this is your section! So beware, you may be on more than the "Garden HDX" screen if caught having fun by our camera's.Hockey hottie of the night/week- Well, this one is pretty much what it sounds like. You know who you are. You're a Bruins fan. You're hot. You win. :) My partner in this venture will be handling this "job" for us. Tough work, I know. (I know, not very PC, but trust me, no offense is intended and it's all in good fun. And for the record, we're happily married guys here at Kynch's Korner!!)Anyway, that's a brief welcome and a small preview of what's to come. Feel free to let me know what YOU would like to see here, and we'll do our best to get 'er done.Thanks a lot, and welcome to Kynch's Korner. Your new home for the best in Bruins talk and general hockey related goodness. Go B's - Kynch

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