Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NHL Superheroes? Wa wa what? Love it!

When I first heard about this idea I was like "COME ON!" The NHL trying something that the rest of the Big 4 pro leagues haven't already done twice over? And it will be a mix of pucks heritage & comics? Stan "The Man" Lee's involved...? WTF! Well call me insane (again...) but after seeing what's already been released and will be forthcoming, I for one am pretty "jacked and pumped" and happy to say that it's officially TRUE! As The NHL has announced that its fully collaborating with venerable comic book legend Stan "The Man" Lee on "The Guardian Project" in which each of the NHL's 30 clubs will be represented by it's own "Superhero" entity with the help one of the true giants in the field of superhero related comics, film and other forms of online mutimedia, Stan "The Man" Lee. So the man who gave us Spider-Man, the X-Men, and other now legendary characters has the great responsibility to help co-create these new characters through his newly launched POW! Entertainment company.

At the recent New York Comic Con that was held couple weeks ago, Lee himself was on hand to present "The Guardian Project" as part of a panel discussion along with NHL commish Gary Bettman. The above image served as nothing more than a teaser for the project but a closer look reveals more than a few clues on each of these soon to be reveled team-influenced heroes.

Coming up, the full details on what the Hell this project really is, as some glimpses of Stan Lee's NHL superheroes; a.k.a. You'll Believe That a Man Can Flyer. The description of "The Guardian Project," which will no doubt inspire confidence about the chances for its massive success included a statement to the effect of "This unprecedented partnership, deemed Guardian Media Entertainment (GME), takes a cutting-edge approach to animation as all content is being designed for multi platform media applications. The plans for the project include "comic books, a novel, mobile applications, TV and film"

According to a recent article from USA Today on the project; Organizers are keeping a lid for now on the powers and likenesses of The Guardians, with plans to reveal them individually over time on the enterprise's website ( before presenting them together at January's NHL All-Star game with each of the teams having a role in designing their clubs hero to reflect themselves, city and fan base.

Based on what's already been announced and that I've seen first hand, each hero will reflect the team itself, such as the Flyers being characterized by toughness (cheap shotting) the Montreal Canadiens by speed (and I assume the ability to flop at a moments notice...) the Toronto Maple Leafs by size and strength (and delusional fans) etc.,
Overall its been positioned that these NHL superheroes will work together and separately, although there will be friction between those representing traditional rivalries, such as that between the Flyers and the New York Rangers. With this in mind you've got to think that "Leafs Mans" superpower must be something like having the ability to massively disappoint for decades but somehow still lead the league in merchandise sales.

Personally I'm thinking that this innovative multi property effort will either be a HUGE hit or will quickly disappear with little notice but regardless I'll be sure to post more on this as well as any other info and photos of each of the individual teams "Heroes" as they are introduced. Until then though; Lets Go Broons! & "Excelsior! Bitches” -KingKrej46

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  1. Here I sit on a Saturday morning with a fresh cup of coffee and I cannot help but think about the Bruins Rangers tilt this evening. I thank my fellow puck head Kynch for allowing me to contribute to Kynch's Korner. I wanted to chime in real quick this morning about how impressive it is that the B's were able to sweep a home & home series from the Cap's. When they were approaching these last 3 games,(New Jersey last Saturday) I would have been thrilled with a 1-1-1 record and a possible 3 points to get them started. Instead they took all 6 and in convincing fashion. The key however to all three wins was Timmy Thomas. There is no denying that. In the New Jersey game and the Home opener last Thursday, the B's came out a little flat in the first period and Thomas was simply outstanding. When you have a man between the pipes who can do that for you, it changes everything. I have heard all kinds of knuckleheads on the radio this week talking about a goalie controversy and how now they can trade Thomas....are you kidding me ? I like Raask, I think he is extremely talented, and I know in his opening day loss to Phoenix that the team did not play well in front of him to start the game. But the difference is, in my opinion, they started out a little "blah" in 2 of these last 4 games as well and Thomas shut the door. So what is wrong with having 2 good goalie's, especially this early in the campaign. I also love the fact that they each play a different style with Timmy being that scrambling, "whatever it takes" style and Raask the more conventional butterfly. It is clear to me now that Thomas was hurt last year and to be honest, I didn't think his season was all that bad anyways. But boy oh boy does he look good. The puck looks like a beach ball to him right now. I just don't understand why there has to be a clear "number 1" in October. Julien had to come back with Thomas in the home opener if for nothing else, to get in Washington's head a little bit. Thomas had veteran sniper and former Bruin Mike Knuble talking to himself on Thursday night. It is clear to me that Thomas is motivated and we all know he plays his best when he is proving himself instead of just cashing large paychecks like he was last season. He clearly has something to prove and he is going to prove it. Not to mention, this will only drive Raask to play his best. So I say if this is a problem then I am a fan of these types of problems. Because if Thomas can maintain this level of play, and Raask is on top of his game as well, they are going to be frustrating a lot of teams in the coming months. Enjoy the Rangers game tonight ! Bleed Black & Gold--- jerrymac (aka, Frank'n'boob)