Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Game Day @ Carolina 2/17/09

The Bruins have to get the band back on key tonight after the sour notes they hit in Nashville. This is going to be a very short, and probably not so sweet game preview. So let's cut to the chase, shall we?

I'm starting to get tired of hearing about the B's scoring "slump". Yes, they're having a tough time scoring goals lately. But for the most part, the reason (and fix) is very simple. They aren't working hard enough. If they'd just shoot pucks on net, and crash and bang for rebounds, they could break out of this funk in a hurry. I find it hard to believe that the entire roster suddenly just hit a cold streak all at once. That does happen to players at times, but when it's team wide funk, there are other reasons than bad luck.

The B's are too talented, even with Ryder out, to not be scoring goals consistently. The pretty plays not working like they were earlier? No kidding, you're the top team in the NHL (for now). EVERYONE is gunning for you and playing "playoff style hockey". AKA; they're playing tighter
defense! Get used to it. The simple cure is there and within their control. Now it's up to them all to look in the mirror and decide to DO something about it.

So, what do I expect tonight? Honestly, I have no idea. They've surprised (and disappointed) me quite a bit lately. But, if they don't come out absolutely FLYING and hitting everything that moves (or doesn't for that matter), I will be pissed off beyond words. Notice I didn't say I'd be surprised. Just pissed off. Nothing they do or don't do at this point will surprise me. They could just as easily come out and blow out the 'Canes or lose by four. I honestly have no clue.

Rough Stuff?
Meh, Carolina isn't exactly loaded with big fighters. Tim Gleason and Scott Walker will both go. But they both probably realize a good bout is exactly what this Bruins team needs. Best thing that could happen for Boston tonight, is for someone like a Walker to take a run at a Bruin (providing he doesn't hurt anyone). The chemistry and passion shown by the B's all season has been non-existent during this rough patch. NO fights since the first of the month against Montreal? Unacceptable. The boy really need another "bonding moment" like they had in the Stars game.

Which leads me to think that maybe, just maybe, we'll see a bout tonight. And I mean early, and possibly not as a response to something a Hurricane does. But rather a good old fashioned wake up call from SOMEONE. Oh, where have you gone Milan Lucic? And please, Shawn Thornton...your damn head is healed enough to throw a couple punches. But, since they haven't been able to count on the two most obvious candidates to provide a spark, maybe it's time for a lesser know combatant to take the bull by the horns?

AB-SO-FREAKING-LUTELY! OK, he may not be dropping the gloves and having a real fight, but I wouldn't be shocked at all to see Savard at his chippy, yappy best. Just to force a reaction from SOMEONE. Mark Stuart and/or Hnidy will also probably try to stir it up a bit. But mark my words, if Chara, Looch and Thornton aren't nasty, surly and beligerent all night, you're in for a BIG TIME rant tomorrow.....you've been warned.

Score? Not a damn clue. Who wins? May as well flip a coin as far as I'm concerned. Any fights? As much as they're needed, it's doubtful Carolina will oblige. Rough and tumble style at least? Well, if it isn't physical, I'll be replastering my wall after digging my remote out of it.

Time for the boys to shut up and put up. Hit somebody. Get to the net. Try being that "hard to play against" team you've been bragging about (for very good reason) all year. No excuses, no "moral victories". This is the ninth place team they're playing. Time to start looking worthy of their number one spot, and burying the weak sisters - Go B's! Kynch

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