Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Remain calm. All is well!" Let's not get too Crazy here!

Without delving too much into the Kevin Bacon/Chip Diller from Animal House end of the PANIC pool with this, instead I think we need to go with this type of angle- Here's the scenario: It's 1:45 am, last call's about to be announced & the lights will come on soon so you better latch onto something quick or you're going home alone and to the Spice Channel right? Well not so fast...

When you flip this same idea into the NHL's upcoming March 3rd trade deadline, the main question for the B's has to be: Are you better off riding with what you've got or by grabbing that last possibility regardless of the potential cost? This really is the challenge that their facing right now. While I fully realize & 100% agree that the B's haven't been lighting it up nearly as much of late and their not playing at the level as a TEAM that they had earlier in the season with the main reasons being varied and sometimes difficult to pin point because of things injuries finally taking their toll on their line up consistency each night, overall player fatigue and for whatever reason some not being as nearly as sharp as they were earlier in the season (i.e. guys like Krejci & Kessel) Then add in the fact that their schedule of late has contained a much higher caliber of opponents, you're looking this bit of a letdown & scuffle. These are all excuses on some levels but they are also things that need to be looked in order to make any trade.

Regardless of the B's recent sag, I think we all need to keep in mind that they still currently lead the entire Eastern Conference by a total of 9 points (over both the Devils & Capitals with each club having 57 games played heading into this evening's games) and primarily because of this fact I'd think it would be extremely foolish to simply make a snapshot judgement based these last 2 - 3 weeks and overreact and make a trade to simply make a trade or to keep with what other clubs have and may do. Sure we all know and agree that the B's could use another solid front line winger with some of that goal mouth area "grit" they seem to lack as well as adding another Defensemen with NHL Playoff experience (that never hurts to have right?) but at what price are you and the B's willing to pay for that rumored acquisition du Jour that seems only to be getting louder and louder as the deadline draws near? So getting down to brass tacks what would you be willing to give up and in turn what would you gain in the both short & long terms by acquiring someone like Oilers Left Winger Erik Cole, Av's Defensemen Jordon Leopold, Blues Center & former Mass native Keith Tkachuk or even some of the Av's other "up for sale" Defensemen like Brett Clark, John-Michael Liles and/or Ruslan Salei? From what I've seen online (for what that's worth...) or by simply looking at their current NHL & AHL rosters you'd think the obvious swap suspects would be players like Defensemen Matt Lashoff & Matt Hunwick. Front liners like Vladimir Sobotka, Byron Bitz, Martin Karsums, Martin St. Pierre or a highly regarded prospect we haven't seen skate yet at the NHL level like a Zach Hamill... Again you're not going to get an asset with giving one or even two up so what's it worth to you?

I have my opinions for sure but do I have any sure shot answers? No, not really and unless any of you or the B's Brass do and think that they're a legitimate piece or two away from a run at Lord Stanley than the answers simple: Make a Deal! But really is there anyone on the above "rumored" list that can really put the B's within reach of the Cup? That's $1,000,000.00 question and the thing that will make this March 3rd trade deadline so much different for this team than any of the least 4-5 years and places them in a very precarious spot for their immediate and long term future... I guess we'll see though right? Regardless Go Broouze! - KingKrej46

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