Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KBBK B's Flash!- Co-Founder & Key Blogger resigns amid new plagiarism charges! Blog site to be renamed “KingKrej’s Boston Bruins Korner"

BOSTON (AF) -- Just a week after fending off demands that he resign amid charges of plagiarism, Kynch’s Boston Bruins Korner co-founder and columnist Ivan Dixon who’s been better known as simply “Kynch” quit early Wednesday morning as questions were being raised about two more of his columns.

The pugnacious writer, who has become an institution in the Blogosphere over the course of his 8-month career at the Korner, told local Boston TV station WCVB that his resignation was "the best thing for the website."

KBBK’s other co-founder and editor, KingKrej46 told the staff that he had asked for and received Dixon/Kynch's resignation, because of questions about whether the writer had fabricated characters in a mid-December column about Mike Komisarek and his so-called imaginary Pony named “Houle”

Also, in a posting that will hit the web this Friday, The Boston Phoenix’ weekly newspaper will report that Dixon/Kynch lifted portions of a November 08’ column from a 2001 book by journalist Stan Fischler entitled- Hockey: What is it Good for?

Earlier this month, KingKrej46 demanded Dixon/Kynch's resignation after discovering that he had also used jokes from a book by Norm Macdonald without attribution in an September 2 posting. But after an outcry from the blog reading public and some other Bloggers like “The Rocket”, KingKrej46 relented and announced last week that Dixon/Kynch would be suspended for the entire 2008/2009 Playoffs without pay instead.

The contrite blogger admitted at a news conference earlier this morning that he had been "sloppy" and "lazy" in writing the post with the Macdonald jokes but maintained that he was not guilty of plagiarism. He said he like everyone else hadn't read the Macdonald book, although he had recommended it to viewers during an appearance on the Montreal Canadiens centric blog called “All Habs” and which Dixon/Kynch seems to be entertaining a possible opportunity from.
Further details will be released as provided until then April Fool’s Day everyone! & Here We Go Broounze! Here We Go! -KingKrej46

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