Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's kind of like wrapping an old Fish in last weeks Newspaper..

Well True Bs Believers! Series #1 & the Habs 100th Season Jubilee are KAPUT! And as we await our Round #2 opponent and the "Return of Kynch" from his 10 days in Florida (must be nice huh...)

I figured I'd wrap things up from my perspective by sharing a note I had posted on the very well done "All Habs" blog: (

which if you haven't seen or heard of yet is a similar Fan Blog site to the Kynch's Korner but from a group of passionate Habs fans rather than us RATIONAL B's ones (yeah right..) Anyway what I posted was in response to the traditional post series smack talk and relentless listing of "Whys, What If''s and If Onlys" and went like this...

From under the All Habs Blog heading- "Game 4 -- The better team won"

"All, Out of respect to the work of "Rocket" and the rest of the All Habs staff as well as what I assume are the few REAL Habs fans on this blog. I'll try and keep my true feelings and personal comments brief on this one but all in all the fact of the matter is that the Bruins at least for this season are the better team and really do look to be in much better shape heading into the near future given obvious disarray that the Habs organization is in and the fact that there's now some serious, serious doubts wheter or not Carey Price can rebound from this whole sub par season and this specific series and be able to even play in Montreal any longer (Are we seeing a "Roy II" here...?)

As an observer from the enemy side, I have to think you're all down right GIDDY to be RID of that FRAUD Mike Komisaresk who's departure from the series & Centre Bell mirrored the way many of the Habs so called "Fans" in attendance did, that is without ANY CLASS whatsoever. Which seeing it come from what many consider the "jewel" organization within the NHL has to be a complete embarrassment to the club and the great City of Montreal! That was totally WEAK showing of any sportsmanship and respect to either team's efforts.

As much as I'm a non-believer in the "second coming" aka Carey Price, the booing and ridicule that he was subjected to was downright crude and PAINFUL even for me to hear given the build up that this kid has gotten from your fans and organization since he was first drafted a few seasons. God, he's still only 21 years old for Price's Sake... Ugh!

Despite all that B.S. though I was impressed with Big George Laraque believe it or not who despite being my more MYTH than actual player at this point, handled the post game hand shake in a very professional and even warm way which really struck me that despite all the back and forth nonsense that goes on between our two teams & cities sometimes, shows that there really is a mutual respect between the two clubs and that sometimes that's the 2nd most important take away we should get from these events outside enjoying the beauty of game itself...In the end a sincere "Great job" to everyone at All Habs & believe me when I say we know your current pain all to well but that we rather enjoy it being you guys feeling it this time around! :-) Until we inevitably meet again, keep well & Go Bruins Go eh'!" - Go Broounze, KingKrej46"

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