Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2 Points for the win, no style points

A win is a win is a win. Despite all the hand wringing and moaning I've seen and heard after last night's game, the B's still got two points. That is really all that matters. As I was reminded this morning, "Good teams win, and the B's are a GREAT team." So instead of bemoaning the fact that they came out flat and sloppy for the final 40 minutes, how about looking at it from the other side? They played their worst two periods in memory and still got the win. It wasn't very long ago where anything less than a perfect 60 minute effort spelled certain defeat. I'd be a lot more concerned about the second and third periods last night if it looked like a trend. That was no trend, it was a fluke. And Claude Julien, you can be sure, will be using it as a "coaching opportunity" today. The fast start last night against the last place team lulled the B's into thinking it would be an easy night. But Tampa reminded them that in the NHL, there are no easy nights. That's a good thing. Much better to have that kind of wake up call against the Lightning than tomorrow in Washington. The most encouraging thing about the game was the players and coaches reaction after the game. To a man, they weren't happy. With a WIN. It's gotten to the point around here, that even the team itself is critical of HOW they win, not just IF they win. That is nothing but great news for loyal Bruins fans. For too many years, especially under Dave Lewis, were happy just to be "competitive". How many times did the B's lose under Lewis, only to have him come out afterwards and say "I was really proud of the guys. Hey, they're trying". Take another look at the picture above......do you think that will be his message today? Didn't think so. So, as I said to the "fan" I met at Sully's Tap after the game who was ready to jump off the Zakim bridge, "RELAX and enjoy this team". They won a game in which they didn't play well. They're in first place in the conference. They've now won ten in a row at home. They're 19-4-0-4. Read that again. The Bruins, are 19-4. And people are complaining about how the played during two periods of a WIN. My oh my, how times have changed. Go B's-Kynch

Side note- A quick tip of the cap to Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe. I bumped into him before the game and said hi. To his credit, instead of blowing me off, or offering a half hearted wave, he turned and came back to say hi. Stuck out his hand and asked my name etc. Just a classy move in my opinion. More proof that "hockey guys", be they players or media, are generally the biggest gentlemen in sports.

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