Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers

The Bruins 13th straight win at home was completely overshawdowed by the sight of Patrice Bergeron laying face down on the ice for several minutes. He struggled mightily to get to his feet, but made it to the bench eventually under his own power (after being assisted initially by teammates). You could almost feel Bergy willing himself to his skates. As if in his mind he was saying "I am NOT being taken off the ice on a stretcher again". This hit, unlike last years, was not a dirt hit at all. In fact, it was Bergeron himself that initiated contact. Just more bad luck for the 23 year old Bergeron. In a cruel twist, Patrice was having what may have been his best game of the season prior to this latest set-back. No official word from the Bruins at this hour, but it's assumed he suffered another concussion. Now the question becomes "how bad is it?". If it is a concussion, he'll have to miss at least one week per league rules. Personally, I'd be stunned to see him back in anything less than 2 weeks, probably more (obviously depending on seriousness). The B's are on the road for 5 straight to end the month of December, and my money is on Bergeron not playing in any of them. The most optimistic return date I can see would be New Years Day against the Pens. The B's were very patient with Patrice's recovery last year, and I see no reason to believe they won't just as patient this time around. I never like to see anyone get hurt, bit when it's one of the truly "good guys" in the game, it's that much worse. Here's wishing Patrice a speedy and complete recovery. That would be the best Christmas gift of all. Go B's, get well Patrice.-Kynch

In other news- The Bruins have recalled Martin St. Pierre from Providence and placed Marco Sturm on the Long Term Injured reserve list. I believe that move was made prior to the Bergeron injury, so we may see another call-up to ensure the Bs have an extra body in St. Louis and the rest of the trip.
The injury bug is starting to make it's presence knownin Boston. Let's hope the boys can hold the fort until they start to get some healthy bodies back......which hopefully will be very soon.


  1. Well put Kynch. My heart is still sullen thinking of him lying face down near center ice yesterday at the Garden and the non-sound of complete silence there for what seemed like a 1/2 hour or more. Sad stuff... All our best wishes, hopes & prayers are with you Patrice!