Saturday, December 13, 2008

Game Day VS Thrashers 12/13/08

DING DING DING! Seven goals and four fights (of varying entertainment value) is going to be a tough act to follow. Now the question is, will the bad blood from last night carry over? Or, will Atlanta try playing it straight? My guess, a little bit of both.....unless Boston starts to pull away again of course. There may be some unfinished business in the fight department though. Eric Boulton, a respectable fighter, backed down from Mark Stuart for some reason. Then instigated a bout with Lucic. I guess he didn't think Stuart was a valuable enough target to take off the ice. My guess is, that tactic didn't sit well with the B's, and someone will ask for a chance to "discuss" it with him tonight. Thorburn? Really? He "challenged" Chara, but wanted nothing to do with it. Z has been testy for awhile now, so I half expect him to go after someone tonight. Possibly the big Rookie that threw down with Thornton. 6'7 vs 6'9....this could be interesting. But, those are all just side shows. The main event will be to see how the B's play without Ward and Nokelainen. Lashoff and Sobotka will get the call. Sobotka, I'm not worried about. Lashoff? No comment. I see no reason why Boston won't win this one by another large margin. I say B's win 5-1. Go B's-Kynch (Sorry for the short post. Ice storms and real life got in the way this weekend)

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  1. I'm thinking that Boulton had already set Lucic as a target, so Stuart was just not a priority. Not only would it take him off the ice for 5, it would make the Lucic fight his 3rd and therefore a misconduct.

    Chara vs. Boris Whoever would be awesome.