Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Game Day, Hamilton VS. Providence

Sturm. Bergeron. Lucic. Kessel. Fernandez. Koivu. Tanguay. Higgins. Laraque. Price. All out for tonight's game. Well, if these two long time rivals were looking to end the debate on who has better depth, I guess tonight will go a long way towards answering that question. Make sure to pick up a roster on your way in, there's sure to be plenty of strange faces on both benches. As much as I've been looking forward to tonight's game, no matter what happens, it will be a bit of a let down. If the B's win, obviously I'll be thrilled. And if they lose, I'll be pissed. But really, neither result will prove anything. If the B's win, does it really declare their dominance? Probably not, although it would "prove" (for lack of a better word), that they are a deeper team. But if Montreal wins, does it mean they're "better"? Of course not. So in the grand scheme of things, this really is just another game. Which is very rarely the case when these teams hook up. With the makeshift line-up tonight, there will be added pressure on the Krejci/Wheeler/Ryder line. Not sure who will be riding with Savard, but I assume Axe and Kobasew are the likely candidates. That pretty much makes Boston a one line team. Savard does make everyone better, and Chucky crashing the net will be a huge help. I honestly expect the Krejci line to step up, especially Ryder. He's playing very well right now, and I'm sure he'd love to be the guy to bail out the B's against his old team. I'm calling for at least one goal from Ryder, possibly two. Krejci has at least two helpers on the night. And what the hell, Wheeler scores as well. As far as the extra curricular stuff goes, I'm not sure what to think. No Lucic, no Laraque (apparently). Doesn't leave a lot of candidates for much "hate". I suppose someone like a Kostopoulos could decide to give it a go....but he hasn't won a fight, well...ever. Then again, in a game where the overall skill level will be less because of so many top players being out, things could get ugly. If you have AHL'ers and third and fourth liners getting tons of ice time, I'd expect a pretty physical game. Not sure if the crashing and banging will lead to anything more, but it wouldn't surprise me. PREDICTIONS: When all is said and done, despite how well Montreal is playing, I still think Boston's depth will prevail. Especially in net. Thomas over Halak any day of the week. So, I'm going with Boston 4, Montreal 2. Ryder (2) Wheeler and Wideman are your goal scorers. Chara hits anything that moves and has a big game. Thornton goes with Max Lappierre and there is at least one other bout, probably involving kostopoulos and maybe a Byron Bitz (who Habs fans are already calling "Boston's new goon"....way to know nothing about the kid, morons). Go B's- Kynch


  1. Disappointed in you Krej...you weren't able to predict a Chipchura/Stuart tilt??

    I agree that with all the injuries that there were some new faces making an impact for the Bruins. Can you tell me a little more about this Chris Lee fellow? I think that he really made the difference for the Bruins tonight!



  2. Hey Rocket! The pre game fight cards & game scores are done by my partner Kynch who's pretty accurate with them... Besides I usually stick to "fluff" and touting David Krejci on my posts, safe that way. Interesting game last night for sure and a preview of B's/Habs circa the 2010/2011 seasons given that both sides dressed the kiddie corps. We'll see each other soon enough though (and hopefully with both clubs healthy...) and we'll keep up with the All Habs posts too.

    PS- As mentioned before we should firm up some firm up a Home & Home street hockey series in both towns. Pitting the KBBK B's vs the All Habs for the Hurley's Cup! :-) Could be fun & or a fight fest! lol...

  3. By the way, Rocket I'm not sure who "Chris Lee" is as there's no such guy on their roster on the organization at any level I'm aware of? Some of the newer guys that dressed for the B's last night where - Byron Bitz, Martin St. Pierre & Martin Karsums. Any other guesses?

  4. Mr. Rocket,

    It is true I hired Mr Lee for the primary purpose of making all calls against the habs since that is the only way to keep parity in the league. Obviously if not for "bad" officiating the habs would be 82-0-0 and we just cannot have that situation present itself. I hope you understand and please keep this information under your hat.

    Gary Bettman

  5. Thanks Gary but no need to keep the info. secret. Your hatred for Canadians (I didnt say Canadiens) is well known and documented.

    You would much rather cater to the 12 fans at a Phoenix game than acknowledge hockey's roots.

  6. I'm sure that you will come to know Chris Lee's name soon.

    For the league to send one of its most incompetent officials to such an important divisional game between two great teams is irresponsible.

  7. Sorry for the mixup between Kynch and Krej.

    Love the idea of the Hurley's Cup Krej! Too bloody cold here right now for street hockey, so I guess we're coming to you for the first round.

    Given all the Bruin commments on the All Habs site today, you may have a full roster of volunteers who want a piece of us! lol

  8. Rocket! Man, you slipped one by me 5 hole this morning with the whole "Chris Lee" reference. Makes me laugh anyways, nice! I won't be going the Ref route AT ALL on this one but if the long standing tension & comments between both the Habs & B's fan bases weren't so impassioned and goes way over the top at times than this truly top shelf, 2nd to none in ANY sport - ANYWHERE rivalry wouldn't mean half as much as it does! Hang tough and that’s 4 down & 2 to go in the REGULAR SEASON… I’m thinking May & June could be UGLY. LOL!

  9. Well said! I know what you mean, Krej. I hate the Bruins and at the same time I love the rivalry!!

    Glad to know that I was able to get one by you. Does that mean we are up 1-0 in the street hockey game? ;)