Thursday, January 15, 2009

Game Day @ NY Islanders

After an emotional game against long time rival Montreal Tuesday night, the B's face a whole new challenge tonight. Not looking past the awful Islanders. Easier said than done perhaps, but it's crucial for the B's to not start looking forward to Saturday night's game with Washington. As bad as the Islanders are, and make no mistake, they're awful.....the Bruins need to be businesslike tonight. I really don't expect any kind of a let down though. The B's have been very good all year of handling teams they're supposed to and moving on. Even with all the key guys still missing (Bergeron, Ward, Ference and Looch are all out), they have enough to carry on the mantra of "one game at a time". Since this team blows, and it's getting late, this will be a short and sweet preview. Predictions: Bruins win 5-1. Krejci, Ryder, Wideman, Thornton and Savard are your goal scorers.

Rough stuff:
Tim Jackman is the fighting major leader for the Islanders (he went with Hnidy in the last game). But Mitch Fritz is by far their biggest heavyweight. He's a 6'8" 253lb Left winger, who has fought nothing but the heavy's of the NHL. He's taken on Laraque, Peeters, Goddard, Cote and Orr this season. Pretty impressive fight card there. He beat Larque, and he caught Peeters with a NASTY right uppercut, dropping the big goon with one shot. If push comes to shove...and it very well could, Thornton will have his hands full with Fritz. Jackman could stir it up with a Stuart, or Thornton as well. No big deal there, he's fairly tough, but not unbeatable by any means. Fritz is the guy to keep your eye on tonight.
Go B's-Kynch

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