Thursday, January 8, 2009

Game day Vs Sens 1/08/09

Send in the clowns! The cure for what ails ya, aka the Ottawa Senators roll into town tonight for their last game of an 8 game road trip. Lets just say it hasn't exactly been a smash hit. In fact, the Sens are 2-7-1 over their last 10 games. In looking at their stats, it's easy to see why they currently reside in the 12th spot in the East. They've scored an embarrassing 89 goals, while allowing 111 (compared to 143 GF and 89 GA for the B's). Yikes. Not surprisingly, their individual +/- numbers awful. They have a total of THREE players with a + for the season. The Muppet, Alfredson is the only forward on the + side (+3) of the ledger. Chris Phillips is a mind numbing -20! That kind of number gets you shipped out of Boston, but he's played every game for the Sens. That pretty much sums up their defensive depth. Now we all know the old saying that anyone CAN beat anyone on any given night. I agree. But honestly....does anyone expect the B's to not HAMMER the Sens tonight? They Bruins have lost 2 straight at home, and that can't be sitting well with them. I expect maximum effort tonight and a much more wide open attack than we've seen lately. Kessel could have a field day playing against these pylons they call defensemen. Krejci and Savard may get sued for causing whiplash. Ok ok....I'll calm down. But seriously....OTTAWA? Awful. According to the B's site, Hnidy (eye) and Lucic (undisclosed) are out for tonight. Ward should be back in the lineup. The Lucic 'injury' is interesting. I'm not convinced he's actually hurt at all. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Julien is just telling him to take a day off and watch from upstairs. Looch's game has slipped quite a bit lately, and I bet that Julien is just sending him a little wake up call. Obviously, I hope that's the case. They don't need Lucic to be dealing with any injuries. For the Sens, they'll be without uber-pest Jarko Ruutu for two games while he serves his suspension for going all Tree Rollins on Andrew Peeters. That leaves Chris Neil as the clear cut choice for most hated Sen tonight. I can't stand this guy. I give him credit for tangling with the heavy's of the league, but he's a punk. Predictions: Boston wails away on the hapless Sens and wins it 6-1. Ryder, Kessel (2), Wheeler, Chara and Savard score for Boston. Thornton gets sick of Neil's BS and pounds him (I'm guessing first period sometime). Go B's-Kynch

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