Wednesday, May 27, 2009

B's Ownership reflects on 2008-09 - Including news on next season's Winter Classic

Owner Jeremy Jacobs and principal Charlie Jacobs have concluded a conference call in which they looked back at the 2008-09 season and shared their insight on other team and league matters.

"After 82 games with the best record in the East and the second-best in the NHL, I think our expectations were a lot higher," Jeremy Jacobs said. "In the room afterward with the players, they knew they were better than that. They could have played better. They knew they were more talented and probably have to work harder and be more committed than they were. But I was extremely proud of the team, management, and coaching staff. I don't see anything that was wanting in that group. They know they've got something to build on for next year. They feel we've got an organization that can move forward and play a role in the finals of the National Hockey League. I believe and hope this was a growing experience for them. The expectations during the Stanley Cup are much higher than the normal season. I think they're up for doing it."

* Jeremy Jacobs said he expects the 2009-10 Winter Classic to be played at Fenway Park, although the league will not confirm it until July. "Everything I've seen acts like and smells like it's going to be in Boston," said Jacobs. "I don't know anybody else that's gone through the process like we've gone through. Traditionally, the league announces it in July. It's probably going to be the biggest Classic." Jacobs said the organization would only be able to accommodate season ticket holders for the outdoor game.

* Negotiations continue with Peter Chiarelli on extending the GM's contract. Chiarelli will be entering the fourth and final year of his deal. Charlie Jacobs said he anticipates an agreement taking place this summer. "I hoped we could have had it done at this point," Jacobs said. "We're still in talks at this point and time."
* Jeremy Jacobs said he doesn't anticipate a change in the $56.7 million salary cap in 2009-10. Jacobs said the franchise will continue to spend up to the cap.

* Charlie Jacobs said the organization has crossed the 13,000 season ticket seat threshold for 2009-2010.
This article was originally posted on & was created by B's beat writer by Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe Staff on May 27, 2009

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