Friday, May 15, 2009

So now what do we do...?

Morning everyone & Welcome to "The Day After"... This really sucks huh... Well I just posted last nights B's Playoff Game #7 recap (see below) and I'd assume we'll see Kynch's full game & series post mortem at some point later today or maybe tomorrow(?) after he's had some time to pull his thoughts together a bit and regroup after last nights O.T. CRUSHER.

Beyond that plan on seeing a few posts trickle out in the coming weeks around the overall season itself, including both the regular season and playoffs, Our 1st Annual "Kynchies" Awards, some fun "Top 10" lists from this past year as well as looks ahead as the Bruins head into the NHL Entry Draft in June & the start of Free Agency in July, all of which will set up what we all can agree will be another BIG and very active off season for the Black & Gold.

Right now though it's back to the Guinness pints and eventually bed to hope this last series was just a simple one time hiccup for a growing team and was a "bad dream" ending to what really was a very good & really fun season. That aside though tomorrow the B's will begin to take their next steps towards the 09'/10' "Quest for the Cup", which despite all this hurt I for one can't wait to start along side them & for training camp begin again!

Until then let's get behind the Baby B's as they make a final run at the AHL Calder Cup ( & contine to wear those B's hats & T's proudly! As always "Let's Go Broounze!" -KingKrej46
*Photo credit - Boston Globe Staff / Barry Chin

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