Wednesday, May 13, 2009

B's Playoff Game Recap! - Game #6: Special Guest Blogger!

Today Kynch's Korner is pleased to have a post by a friend of ours. A long time fan who has lived and died with the B's as much as we all have over the years (Ok... mostly died but...) The only surprising thing about his post is he didn't find a way to work in an Adam Oates story somehow. Regardless, I present Frank-En-Steen! -

"What can I say, that was one of the most stressful Bruins games I
have ever watched. Stressful because I have expected so much from
this team this year. In the day of Salary Caps and looming free agents,
the window of opportunity doesn't stay open as long as it used to.

Where to begin with this game, let's start with Patrice Bergeron. This had to be his best game of the season, no question about it. His ability
to protect the puck and dish the puck led to the 1st and 4th goals. Not
to mention his defensive game and penalty killing.
From there Mark Recchi, who not only at age 41 has been finishing
every check, but once again gets the scoring going with his uncanny
ability to be in the right place at the right time.

And how about Byron Bitz ??!! He doesn't get any points on the score
card on Montedor's goal but we all know that puck is just another
shot on net is he does not only go to the front of the net to screen
Ward, but draws a Hurricane defenseman with him to make the shot
destined for twine. His work along the wall in the offensive zone,
determination to drive to the net and his all around grit makes it
virtually impossible to pull him from this line up now and
Claude Julien knows it. what a find this kid has been this year
and I have a feeling he will be around for a while. Next season
when he gets to camp we'll get him a better hockey number!

Next I need to move over to Looch. At 20 years old the tantalizing
potential is just "oozing" out of him more with every game. We are
really starting to witness some of the offensive skill he has in those
swollen knuckles of his. The play he made along the blue, the courage to dangle out there, to then swoop in and the vision on the pass to
Savard was a work of art. Just high light reel stuff. I heard a local
radio DJ this morning argue that Looch will end up a better player than
Ovechkin or Crosby, I laughed because obviously that radio personality
is jacked and pumped and got a little carried away which is ok with me.
In reality I see a Wendell Clark type of player "coming into his own
and I would gladly take that.

I also feel obligated to mention our fearless goaltender as well.
Without Tim Thomas, last night and all season, none of this is possible.
Some of the saves he made last night and has made all season and
in this playoff run will be legendary ! He is the backbone of this
team and everyone knows it. He has been known forever as a "nice"
story and even up until the beginning of the 2007-2008 season still
had not earned that status of an absolute number 1 goalie in this league, as the Bruins went out and traded for Manny Fernandez.

After back to back All-Star appearances last season and this, all
the "Doubting Thomas'"(no pun intended) have come to believe and
his contract extension is evidence of that. He is no showing the
Bruins faithful that he is capable of stepping it up when the
"money is on the line" in late April and May.

I could go on and on about so many others last night that played a key in this game. The timely pinches by Wideman at the point, the physical play of "Chuckie" Kobeskew, David Krejci, Marc Savard, The Captain and Aaron Ward who with yesterday's quote when asked if he will take doctor's advice and wear a shield said, "I haven't worn one for 16 years and I'm not about to start now". THAT'S a hockey player.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Kynch's Korner for allowing me
to make a guest appearance on the site. Now, on to Game 7 which
is anything but in the bag. These Canes will be ready to go you
can bet on that and as we all know anything can happen in a Game 7.
Unlike last year's game 7 up in Montreal however having this one at home is a pretty good feeling for this die hard B's fan !" Rock on Bruins ! - Frank-en-Steen

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