Monday, October 27, 2008

Game Day @ Edmonton 10/27

BIG game on tap out in Edmonton tonight. B's need to garner some momentum off their come-from-behind win against Atlanta Saturday. I'll be especially curious to see how Looch responds after his first NHL Hat Trick. I'm hoping he doesn't come out thinking "I'm a goal scorer now". Yes, he CAN score. BUT, he has to do it in the "dirty areas". And he also MUST continue to bang bodies out there. In fact, he really still needs to pick up that aspect of his game. Credit where it's due, he has gotten more physically involved of late (ask Mike Van Ryn, who said it felt like he was "hit by an elephant" when Looch put him through the galls Thursday). All the boys better be prepared for a VERY physical game tonight. The Oilers already have 9 fighting majors as a team, in only 7 games. Zack Stortini leads the way with three. While Stortini is a "good" fighter, and a big kid at 6'4" 215lbs, he is far from their toughest customer (he did put up an impressive 23 fighting majors last year though. Wow). That goes to former Pro-B enforcer Steve Macintyre. Big Mac (6'6" 250lbs) has found a home in Oil country, and is making the most of his chance to play in the NHL. Mac will dish out huge hits every chance he gets. He's also very good at timing his bigger hits and fights. If Boston starts to gain control of the game, be extra cautious if Stevie Mac is out there. The hammer is coming. So, Thornton and Lucic both could have their hands full. As much as we all want Milan on the ice, he just may HAVE to answer to Stortini, while hopefully Thornton will get Macintyre (if anyone has to, it's Thornton.). Both of those match-ups could prove to be very entertaining (even though Stortini does do a bit of hugging/tackling in his bouts...and he's also not bashful about throwing shots once he gets his opponent down. Makes me glad he's a Western Conference player).

Beyond the rough stuff, Boston desperately needs points. The schedule makers didn't do them any favors with this trip, but it is what it is. And it's important. The Oil has to be feeling the same way, as both teams currently sit in 8th in the respective conferences. Boston, again, SHOULD have the advantage, as Edmonton is having all kinds of trouble scoring. Shawn Horcoff leads the team with 3 goals. Hey, looch had that in the last game alone! Bottom line, stick to the game plan and match Edmonton's physicality and they should be fine. (and by Edmoton's physicality, I really mean the two aforementioned tough guys).

Predictions- Boston wins 4-2. Goals by Ryder, Chara, Sturm and Krejci. Lucic & Stortini go at it, as do Thornton and Macintyre.
Go B's-Kynch

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  1. hey, chop chop! are you EVAH gonna cover the last 2 games? - Tim Dionne