Thursday, October 2, 2008

Given the Lash....

Well, latest round of cuts were announced this afternoon. And they pretty much went how everyone would have expected. At the risk of beating a dead horse, can we finally put to rest all this Matt Lashoff love-fest BS? I've been saying it for a couple years, and I stand by it. This kid (rapidly becoming less and less of a "kid" BTW) just doesn't have "it". And by "it", I mean "defensive ability". Sort of a handicap for an NHL defenseman, no? I'm convinced Chilly should look to deal him now before his stock drops any more. There's a chance he could go on to have a decent career. Never say never when it comes to youngish D-men. But, he's been given every chance to show he belongs here, and has yet to grab it and run. Maybe a change in scenery will help. For his sake, I hope so. I thought Hunwick out-played him last year in camp, and apparently he has this year as well (or at worst played him even). Lash does have offensive upside, and I'd love to see it put to use in Boston. But his defensive liabilities far outweigh the offense.
Now that this round of cuts has come and gone, things start to get evry interesting. Still 27 guys in camp fighting for 23 spots (max). Sadly, salary cap considerations are going to be a big factor. I assume Chilly's comments about a trade happening soon are going to pan out. Question is, who and for what? Guess we'll just have to stayed tuned. But right now, I'm beat....who knew watching a VP debate could be so tiring! G'night, and I'll check in later with my thoughts on how I'd like to see the roster shape up. - Kynch

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