Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Guys Win

Quick hit on the B's impressive road win in Ottawa, while I keep an eye on the Red Sox in Tampa.

First and foremost, how 'bout Phil Kessel? Two more for Kess tonight, giving him four in four games. Jack Edwards nailed it (I know, I was surprised too) when he said it's basically a tale of two careers for Kessel. The pre-benching in last year's playoffs, and the post-benching Kess. Very pleased to see Phil "compete" for loose pucks etc this year. He doesn't have to run guys through the boards, but as long as he's willing to get his nose dirty and use his body along with that incredible speed of his, he's a threat. NOW will all the "Trade Kessel" blow hards shut their yaps for awhile?
Of course, those of us that have been bashing Manny Fernandez still have some ammo. That first goal tonight was a beer league special. No way an NHL goalie should let that one in. The second one, he was screened a bit, but even that one wasn't a great goal. Fortunately, his mates played very well in front of him, so he was not called on too often to make the "big" save. He seemed to settle down a little as the game wore on, but I never got the feeling that we could count on him to make that game saving stop. Luckily, Lucic scored a late one to take the pressure off. Terrific job by Ryder on the play (who looked good all night), and an even better follow Looch. Good to see Milan BURY the chance (as I mentioned he wasn't doing so far). He slammed home a no-doubter just under the cross bar for the 4-2 lead. The other bruins that really stood out tonight were Sobotka and Savard. SOB was finishing checks all night and creating chances with his physical, heady style. He also did a great job in his own end. Savard, well, he was simply Mark Savard tonight. He's still shooting which is a good sign, but an even better sign is that he's still got the soft hands and great vision that make him such a lethal offensive player. The move and the pass he made to Kessel from the corner was a thing of beauty. But maybe even more impressive, was seeing him crashing the net and causing problems for Gerber on Kess's second goal. If guys like him and Kessel are willing to consistently go to the net like that, the offense will be much more efficient than last year......although, it would be hard to be much less efficient than last year.
All in all a great road win for the road weary B's.
Let the countdown begin for the home opener. The Garden will be rocking

Go B's! - Kynch

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