Sunday, October 26, 2008

Milan Thrashes Atlanta

So THAT'S how you play around the net! Lucic must have gotten some one on one coaching on the fine art of net-front positioning. Because he was much better at it last night, and was rewarded with a hat trick. Funny how that works, huh? Stand out front, screen the goalie and throw everything you can on the net and you score goals. For a tough, complicated really can be pretty simple. Four of Boston goals came as a result of just going to the net hard. Yelle got the ball rolling by tipping a turn around slapper from Thornton. Simple play, goal. Krejci's goal a was the prettiest of the five, blasting a short range slapper from the slot. The beauty of it was not only that he nailed his spot, top corner, but that he was patient enough to let Kessel clear the shooting lane before pulling the trigger. But again, there was all kinds of traffic out front. Simple.

All in all a good effort all around, except of course in the horrible first period. The B's can not keep throwing periods away like that and expect keep winning. Last night they got lucky. It isn't a winning formula to hope you can outscore the opposition for two periods and not showing up for one. Speaking of not good enough.....yes, he made some big saves. But Manny Fernandez continues to scare the hell out of me. At least one softie AGAIN last night. Worst decision of the night award has to go to Wideman, who for some unfathomable reason, threw the puck around the boards behind his own net....when he had an easy out and three Thrashers in his own end. This bad idea inevitably led to a Chara turn-over and an Atlanta (soft?) goal to Schneider.

But hey, the bottom line is they won a game they really needed. And the offense put up another five spot. Lucic seemed more like his old self last night, but with more touch around the net (ok, full disclosure time: I still think he lacks all kinds of polish and hands. His first goal was nice, in that he beat Hedberg to the post. So, good location. But it makes me wonder, when the puck never leaves the ice. I prefer seeing a guy BURY that chance, by getting it upstairs a little. His second goal was a perfect tip, nothing to question there. But, his third was, well.....ugly. He tried forcing a pass to Kessel...which he had no prayer of making, then was lucky enough that his little backhand swat found it's way through a defender and the goalie. I know you gotta be lucky too, but that was kind of an "ugly" hat trick. I'll take those any night, but I'm just saying.....let's not get all wrapped up in "Milan is a goal scorer" now.)

Now if they can head out west and take two out of three at least, I'll be thrilled. Hell, I don't even care if they need OT to do it against a Western conference team.
Go B's-Kynch

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