Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yeah yeah I'm sitting here at 11:45 the night after the B's-Sabres game and just getting to the recap. Hey, if I'm done by midnight, I'm legal, so shut up.
Anyway, not much to say about last night. The boys came out FLYING, but couldn't sustain it on tired legs, especially facing the well-rested Sabres. since I'm up against the clock, here's my good news/bad news quick hit.
The Good:
Phil Kessel- WOW. What a shot that was. Six goals, six games. Gee, anyone else think that little "message" from Claude last season has been received loud & clear? Kid is playing with a TON of confidence. GREAT to see. Keep it up Phil!
Krejci- Kid continues to look great. Got ROBBED late by Miller, but he did everything he could. Roofed it top corner. Just gotta tip your cap to Miller and move on.
Lucic- Played with a bit more purpose last night. Far from dominant, but more involved.
Julien- hey, he took Ryder off the shoot out roster and inserted krejci. That's enough for me (even if he has Lucic on the first line).
Thornton-GREAT job by Thornton declining Peters' request to fight, while Boston had a 1-0 lead. Hmmm....I bet if you read the post below this one, you'll see someone suggested that exact scenario may just play out. I'm just saying.
The Bad-Losing a 2 goal first period lead. I know, tired legs yada yada.....but you still have to find a way to hold that lead.
Shoot out- Really? The B's are 0 for 3 already on the skills contest? I hate deciding games with a shoot out. But I REALLY hate it, when Boston can't seem to win one no matter what they do. (side note....did Manny Fernandez look AWFUL in the SO, even on the stops he made? Scary.) If the B's expect to get back in the playoffs, especially in a better slot than 8th, they can not afford to keep giving away points to division opponents.

That's it for tonight, with time to spare.

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