Friday, November 28, 2008

B's Stuff A Turkey, Prepare For Filet Mignon

Thanksgiving may have been yesterday, but the Islanders were very much in a "giving" mood today at the Garden, to which I say, "Thanks!" Boston shook off the disappointing loss at Buffalo Wednesday, and made the Islanders pay for it. The Islanders started off strong, forechecking Boston hard and keeping the B's from getting any attack going thru one period. In period two though the B's started carrying the play a bit more and created chances taking a 2-1 lead at the end of two... However it was the third period where the B's really got things going to the point that got out of hand for New Yorkers as Boston scored so often in the period (five times), that I had to double check to see if Carey Price had been dealt to the Island. Isles stating goalie Joey Macdonald gave up the first 4 of the game (2 in the 3rd alone) before being pulled in favor of newcomer Peter "Mumbles" Mannino. Mumbles Mannio entered the game with no stat line and saw his first NHL action in net and by the looks of things I'm guessing he wishes he could have left the same way as he surrendered 4 goals in the 12:45 or so he played. Welcome to the NHL! Following the game in fact he was immediately re-assigned to the AHL. Yikes! So much for that huh... Truth is though you'd be hard pressed to blame either Islander goalie for any of the Boston goals as each was sharp with no softies in the bunch. They were just that good. Everything was roofed and was inished with "purpose". Seemed like every time Boston got a chance in the third, they buried it. From an aesthetic view point, this was a great game to watch. Savard, Kessel, Ryder and Wheeler in particular put on an absolute skating and stick handling clinic. Savvy seemed to play at a faster pace than I've seen from him all year. And Wheeler..Wow! He was (to quote the great Fred Cusick) a "going concern" all day. And if you enjoy the physical part of the game, you weren't left out of the fun either. Two pretty decent fights were just the icing on the cake as Lucic and Hnidy both dropped the gloves. A 7-2 win with two fights. What can be better? I'll tell you what can be better. Carrying this same type of effort into tomorrow night's game against the Red Wings. If the B's skate the way they did today, they can play with and beat anyone in the NHL. But it's going to take a full 60 minutes of that if they expect to knock off the Wings. Detroit is going to come in a little agitated as they just lost to Montreal, in a game they looked disinterested in. I don't expect that kind of effort tomorrow. They were able to blow out one of the turkey's of the league with a slowish start today. But if they're going to beat the Wings, they can't afford to get down early again. I fully expect a great effort and a fun game to watch. But honestly, I have NO clue how it will turn out. So I'm just going to enjoy the win today and worry about Detroit tomorrow. Go B's- Kynch (BTW- the new third jersey's look they're undefeated in them :) )

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