Saturday, November 22, 2008


Sometimes I just love being wrong! I had the right score, and the right way it would end (SO) but the wrong team. Forgive me for thinking Boston would let the Habs beat them tonight. Every time it looks like the deck is stacked against the B's they rise to the challenge and pull off the win. Sure, a regulation win would have been great. But they went on the road and got two points. Been cracking up reading all the BS on some Canadiens fan sites. Those people are seriously delusional. I swear I've never seen any group of fans that saw everything through such rose colored glasses. But the funniest (saddest really) is reading their rants on Milan Lucic. They've taken to calling him "Lucy". How cute. They say he's nothing but a bully that will only fight guys he knows he can take (never mind that their hero Komisarsuck has been asking for a beating for a year), but "runs away" from tougher guys, like Laraque. Oh, the irony. What do you think their reaction would be if Boston threw some complete goon over the boards every time one of their top wingers was on the ice and ordered him to try to goad him into a fight all night? They'd be ranting and raving at how embarrassing that display of "goon hockey" was and be on their high horse about how they play the game the "right way". Screw you, you bunch of hypocrites. You would all give your first born to have Looch on your pathetic team. Once again, Laraque ended up looking like a fool, thug, goon and yes, a bully. How else do you describe a guy who had NO intention of playing hockey, just wanted to fight for the sake of fighting. Try as you might Hab apologists, there was absolutely NO reason for a Lucic-Laraque fight. What, exactly, was he supposed to be "avenging"? He was supposed to somehow be defending Komipansy's honor by fighting the guy that beat him up? A week later? Twisted logic my friends, twisted logic. Oh wait, you say it was because he DARED lay a clean hard hit on Kovalev (I think that's Russian for "I play when I feel like it")? By Habs fans definition of a bully, shouldn't one of those brave and honorable Canadiens on the ice at the time done something? You know, instead of run home to get their big brother to come fight that mean old bully for them? Once again, you're hypocrites. Watching BGL skate around doing nothing but try to start a fight was an embarrassment to him, his team and the NHL. I'm sure he'll come out and say something like he embarrassed Lucic by making him decline to fight. And I'm sure you Canadien fans will agree. I'm also sure that is a bunch of crap, and deep down I bet you all know it. IF Looch had taken the bait and dropped the gloves with that waste of a roster spot you call BGL, what good would it have served the Bruins? Anything short of a total beat down by Lucic would have only fueled the Canadiens. And I think we all agree that win or lose, Lucic wouldn't dominate BGL, nobody does. Hey, I enjoy a good fight as much as the next guy. Probably more. But I like there to be SOME reason for them. The "reasons" attributed to tonight's desired bout are completely fan and media created. It would have served no real purpose within the game. So, bottom line is this. Not only did the B's go to Montreal and walk away with two points, they also showed they're a smarter team. Smarter than last year when they ran around looking for big hits and fights. Smarter than the Canadiens, who seem to have forgotten their identity. But hey, any time you guys want to try and play old time, goon hockey with Boston, we'll take it. Maybe next game Montreal can call up every goon they can find. Yeah, that'll teach those bullies in Boston, huh? I mean, it will also cost the Habs two more points, but hey. Hockey in Montreal now a days isn't about speed, grace and winning. It's about avenging perceived injustices. Perfect. Way to take your game to the gutter. So for all of you dopes up there that were heckling Lucic while he was scoring an important goal against you, HAHA. I've actually seen comments already from you dummies that you can at least take some solace in "proving" that "Lucy" is nothing more than a bully afraid of tough guys. Trust me, Bruins fans are liking him even more right now. Great to see a young kid who combines strength and skill adding smarts to his list of attributes. This kid, unlike those of you calling for "vengeance", "gets it". So, I can unashamedly say, nay, shout it from the rooftops: I LOVE LUCY!!!! Go B's, Suck it Habs-Kynch


  1. Lucy isn't a goon but much worse...a weasal!

    Lucy whined to Laraques "you have no idea what Komisarek has done to me in the past, how he's abused me." that's hilarious!

    No worries about Price, he was brilliant. Thomas plays goal like a beached mackarel...flop around enough and he's bound to save something.

  2. I love when The All Habs "Rocket" gets fired up!! makes for some good blogging... Rocket you have to admit that Laraque's "act" is just that, an act and that beyond the spectre of him possibly throwing down that he's USELESS and really doesn't fit what the Habs would like to do with that 4th line especially when he's out at the same time as O'Byrne which only exposes the Habs further in they're own zone and down deep. Gotta say this though; The TRUE Rivalry between these two teams IS BACK and is very SPICY again due to the resurgence of the Bruins! Will look forward to seeing your blog points on All Habs... Keep well & send our best to Mr. Hurley at "Hurley's" & Go Broounze! - KingKrej

  3. Laraque's pursuit of Lucic was somewhat entertaining..but this isn't a soap opera. It was a distraction and dumb move by Carbonneau. Lucic isn't worth the attention. Ryan O'Byrne had a much better game plan...just knock Lucic into the middle of next week.
    Julien (maybe we should call him Julie) has outcoached Carbo each time they have played.
    I'm actually pleased that the rivalry is back on more even terms...I wrote that after the 6-1 game.
    Hurley's will be buzzing today...its the Grey Cup! Calgary Stampeders vs Montreal Alouettes.

  4. To Rocket,
    Ryan O'Burned had a much better gameplan last night, shoot the puck in his own net and just end what has all the makings of the most frustrating of seasons right here and now.
    the Scabs are in the midst of a tailspin which could last a few seasons to exit. that and the emergence of the Maple Leafs next season means that the scabs will be a non entity for the next few years, thereby leading to full fledged panic and ultimate abandoning of the ship by the scabs bandwagon fans, who are legion. i predict the Canadiens ownership will eventually be forced to move the team to Hamilton.
    p.s., whats a Roger Clemens fan doing in Montreal? what are any Roger Clemens fans doing rooting for that fraud at this point anyway??