Thursday, November 13, 2008

International Diving Competition come to Boston...

.....disguised as the Montreal Canadiens. All I have to say about those pansies from Quebec (is that redundant?) is if they DON'T win tonight, they suck! The NHL seems to have gone out of their way to ensure those Mary's cruise through the season, in honor of their 100 years in the NHL. Three times Boston plays Montreal as the second game of back to back games. Including tonight, while Montreal chilled out in Boston, the Bruins were in a death struggle in Chicago. Not only was the game delayed a half hour for a number retirement (for the "great" Keith Magnusun, he of the perpetual bloody face. And to think, some people questioned the Bruins for retiring #24? Yikes), but of course, almost inevitably, the game goes not only to OT, but a shoot out. Game didn't end until nearly midnight, Boston time. Long after the Mary-Kate and Ashley Kostitsyn put on their footy jammys and spooned in their double bed for the night. So what time do you suppose the Black & Gold stumbled into town today? 5AM? 6? Unreal. Two tough games, within 17 hours of each other, with travel form a different time zone in between. So Montreal, it's all laid out there for you. Thing is, I think the boys in black will rise to the challenge. I think they'll use the schedule makers disregard for their competitive balance as motivation. ANY win against Montreal is always good for Boston's morale. How big of a lift do you suppose beating them under these circumstances would be? HUGE is the correct answer, good job. As far as what to expect tonight, I'm absolutely stumped. This could either be a complete back and forth barn burner, or a game played in mud. The "muddy" style would favor Boston, especially after playing last night. Montreal is a weak, and I mean WEAK team. Hit them, bang them, make them wish they were anywhere but on the ice against the Bruins, and you win. Problem is, you have to balance that against the fact that they will flop, dive and generally act like they got shot out there to draw penalties. Penalties which the refs are all too willing to grant them. While their PP hasn't been as dominant as it has been the last couple years, they're still a team that lives and dies on their PP. So staying out of the box...and that even applies to matching penalties. Four on four for Montreal is as good as a PP. Yes, I think Boston has plenty of players that can skate with them and compete on a skill basis (which hasn't been the case for years). But the B's biggest advantage lies in five on five, physical play. Play them even and fore check the hell out of them, and you have a great chance of beating them (and BEATING on them). My gut tells me Ryder is due. He's played them once, up there, so the jitters should be gone. He's been SO close a few times lately. I say Ryder pops one in tonight, probably the game winner if I may be so bold. I also look for Kessel to reenact his playoff glory and have a big night. If Sturm can play with the same edge he did last night, that would be huge as well. Geeze....the more I think about this, the more I'm expecting big things from guys like Bergeron and Wheeler too. Throw in the fact that I think Thornton is due for one as well, and I'm starting to think Boston wins this one 5-2. I'm going with it. Boston 5, floppers 2. (this all really hinges on who is in net of course....Thomas doesn't have great numbers against Montreal, but Manny's one good start hasn't lessened my nervousness about him). Rough Stuff Preview: Well, not really a lot "new" to report here. We all know who Montreal's tough guys are. Oh, wait.....that's right, they don't have any. They do have a couple guys that do a very poor job of impersonating one, but they keep forgetting to actually drop the gloves....or to hit you when your back isn't turned. So, as much as a good bout or four would be nice, it takes two to tango. And divers don't dance. I guess the best we can ask for is to see punks like Komisarek get run all night. yeah yeah, I know....I can hear you Hab fans now "no tough guys? We have "big Georges laraque". Whatever. BGL has turned into a punk himself. I USED to be a big fan of his. back when the game had room for 4 minute players who took 5 minutes in penalties per game. I lost any and all respect for "BGL" after Reading his comments this summer about "just trying to not lose" when you fight big strong guys. Gee, pretty intimidating stuff there Georges. Think Chara's eyes lit up when he saw BGL say that he, Chara, "could be the toughest guy in the league if he fought more"? Translation: I want NO part of Big Z, thank you very much. He showed that in his two purse swingers he got in with Chara last year, while playing for the Pens. So, the little Nancy-girl Canadiens, who think BGL is there to protect them? They can't be thrilled knowing he'll back them long as the other guys isn't big. Laraque has been fully "Canadienized", ie; Pussified! 7 hours 'til puck drop, and I'm already foaming at the mouth for this one. First soccer song singing Frenchy I see is getting bundled. Go B's-Kynch


  1. Nice call on the game: "Thornton is due for one as well, and I'm starting to think Boston wins this one 5-2"

  2. A double call! A Thornton goal and a BIG score win! The B's are Back Baby!