Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Game Day @ Buffalo 11/26/08

OK, raise your hand if you're sick of seeing the Sabres. Good Lord, are Buffalo Montreal and Toronto the only other teams in the league now or does it just feel like it? This the fourth of six meetings between these two. Really? We need Buffalo four times before Thanksgiving? Ugh. Schedule makers should be fired. Anyway, I suppose it's a good thing to be playing so many division games while the B's are playing well. Especially since Buffalo has gone into a deep tailspin lately. They've lost five in a row and ten of thirteen. Meanwhile,. Boston is looking for it's second five game winning streak of the month. WOW. Thing that concerns me about that is, Buffalo isn't THAT bad of a team. Ryan Miller, I don't think, just suddenly forgot how to play goal. So the B's could have their hands full tonight. But, if they show up ready to play, they should be just fine. I'm curious to see how Lindy Ruff responds tonight. The B's thumped the Sabres last time out. And I'm wondering if he paid any attention to Montreal's decision to have Laraque follow Looch around. Obviously there is no history between Lucic and Buffalo to explain having a waste of a sweater like Peters shadow him, but I wouldn't put something like that past Ruff. I guess we'll see if he thought Looch was taken off his game by it or not. Peters is an even worse player than BGL, so I doubt Ruff would have him on a top line. I just wonder if he sees more ice time than normal while Milan is on the ice. Boy, do I hope so. The more ice time they give that hammer head the better. Either way, I fully expect Buffalo to come out hard and desperate. If Boston can score the first goal or two, it could be lights out fairly early. This is a case of one team feeling great about itself and knowing they're never out of a game, vs one that is full of doubt and waiting for a reason to fold. No need to give them any false hope. Boston needs to come out fast and strong. Survive Buffalo's early rush and keep the pedal down. Rough Stuff: Andrew Peters is the resident tough guy. ONLY person I can see going with him is Thornton, and I expect to see it tonight. Predictions: Boston "cruises" to a 4-2 win. Miller plays better, but his D does him no favors. Kessel, Kobasew, Bergeron and.....Stuart are your goal scorers. Go B's-Kynch

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