Thursday, November 6, 2008

game day, Leafs @ B's 11/06/08

OK, not like Boston has won a Cup recently, but least we aren't Leaf fans. Tonight could be an interesting game. Boston played it worst game of the year against Toronto a couple weeks ago, and lost 4-2. Toronto has, in Julien's words, been able to "catch teams off guard" so far this year. They aren't the most talented team around, but they work hard every shift. Same formula Boston followed to the playoffs last year (although I think the B's had better talent at the top end and throughout the line up). I don't expect Boston to be surprised by Toronto's effort tonight. That may not assure a win, but I sure don't expect the lethargic game they had the last time around. As far as the lineup goes, it looks like Shane Hnidy will sit, with a "lower body injury". He's day to day. Matt Hunwick will play in his place. Not sure on Kobasew as yet, Julien is calling him day to day as well. Some reports show him in the line-up, but nothing official from the B's as yet. If Chucky does play, who sits? In practice he was rotating with Ryder. Can't see Ryder not playing, so who does? Wheeler? He's just starting to come around a bit I think, so he could be tough to bench. Yelle? Possibly, but I doubt that as well. The 4th line has been to good to break up (see: Sobotka going to Providence). Tough call, but a good problem to have; too many worthy players.
Toskela should be in net for the Buds, Thomas for the B's.

Rough stuff
The Leafs aren't the toughest team in the world, but they they do have Jamal mayers. He pretty much represents their entire fighting potential. Ryan Hollweg isn't scheduled to play.....which is a good thing. After a night of Ott and Avery, we dont' need to see another cheap shot artist (Hollweg is becoming legendary for a slew of hits from behind). One guy that may or may not want to drop the gloves, but is someone to keep an eye on is rookie Luke Schenn. Kid plays a pretty gritty, honest style. He does seem to enjoy the post whistle scrum/face wash though. My bet is, sooner or later a Bruin will get sick of the rook asserting himself that way and extend an invite. Schenn does have one fight to his credit, a lop-sided loss to Chris Neil.

I can see Boston turning the tables and winning by the same 4-2 score they lost by last time. Probably no fights.
Go B's- Kynch

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