Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sloppy, second

Well, I did say that beating the Rangers would have just been icing on the cake.....assuming the B's played well. And despite what I'm reading from the team and the media, I don't think they played well at all at MSG last night. Too often, those old bad habits of being too casual with clear attempts came back to bite them. Far too many times, guys like Chara made soft, lazy passes in their own end. If you fail to clear your own zone, eventually it will come back to haunt you. Personally, I thought it was a sloppy game all around and they were fortunate to take a point home . The lone highlight was the continues great play of their PK. Some random observations from last night around the league: *Andrew Ference will be missed. * Where else but the NHL can you LOSE a game, and GAIN ground in the standings? Montreal and Buffalo both lost in regulation, so the B's put another point between them and their division rivals. * Has anyone ever seen TWO instant replays in a shootout before? *Ranger fans sure love to boo. Just ask Michael Rosival. Turned the puck over twice, and was booed every time he touched the puck after that. If Boston fans did that, Chara would never be able to tell if he playing at home or away. *Speaking of Ranger fans.....I thought the building was empty until they tied it up. Must have all had their mouths full or something for the first couple periods. Hard to cheer gnawing on pretzels I guess. *Who told Paul Mara he was a tough guy? He has three fighting majors already this season, matching his career high (OK, I do have a hard time calling last night's "thing" with Kobasew a fight, but still.) *Montreal fans waiting for Georges Laraque to "step up" and "answer" for what Looch did to Komisarek will be thrilled. BGL beat the tar of......Josh Gratton??? O.....K......just a few days late there Georgey, but good effort (fraud Habs fans will now re-anoint BGL as the biggest and best thing to ever wear skates, even though he was a no-show against their biggest rival) *Andrew Ference will be missed. *Barry Melrose got canned before his mullet even had a chance to be highlighted by the Florida sun. Welcome to the age of spoiled millionaire players running the team. Reportedly players went to ownership to complain about not liking Melrose's style....IE; the big meanie is yelling at us for sucking. Best thing that ever happened to ya Barry. When ownership forces you to play a rookie even though he isn't ready, better to get out while the getting is good. *18 year old rookie Luke Schenn did the right thing and stepped up for a teammate last night for Toronto. Let's just put that bout in the "well, at least he showed up category". *Will Jack Edwards EVER stop saying "takes the body" instead of "takes a hit"? Jack, if you MAKE the hit, THEN you are "Taking the body". NOT when you GET hit. Drives me insane. *Andrew Ference will be missed. Get well soon Andy. Go B's-Kynch

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