Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kynch's Boston Bruins Korner!: The Ghost of Muzz

Kynch's Boston Bruins Korner!: The Ghost of Muzz

You guys beat me to it. After posting about Muzz last night, I did some more digging. And yes, between the LTIR and insurance (it's unknown if the B's insured the last two years of Murray's four year deal), this may....and I repeat MAY not be that harmful to the B's. Problem is, although they'll get cap relief with the Long Term IR solution, Jacobs would be on the hook for more money then ($2.8M to be precise). Considering the "dead money" he already has on the books, Schaefer making $2.2M,and also still paying the salaries of Dave Lewis & Marc Habscheid (not to mention Fernandez & $4M+). It gets hard to believe that ownership would use that additional cap space. I guess that all depends on if the contract was insured. If it was, no additional money would be coming out of Jacob's pocket. In that scenario, this may actually help the Bruins make a move or two.

Regardless great comments guys, keep 'em coming. - Kynch

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