Sunday, November 2, 2008

Now THAT is called "BRUINS"!

Went to the "New Garden" last night, and if it wasn't for the giant HD video screen, loud music at every whistle and the canned "Get loud" prompts, I'd have sworn I was at the OLD (REAL) Garden. Five goals, three fights and More bad blood than I can count. Boston stepped up and answered the bell in every way possible against two of the biggest pansy RATS in the NHL, Sean Avery and Steve Ott. Those two, especially Ott, played like cowards. Cowards that knew they only had to face Boston once this year. It seemed to me like Ott especially wasn't worried about consequences, figuring he could slide out of any trouble for one night. And not have to answer for anything later in the season. No way he gets away with that stuff against a division opponent. Ott's constant chirping and border line hits were unreal. He should be EMBARRASSED that he turned down invitations to drop the gloves on two occasion. Hey, if you're going to play that way, be ready to answer for it. I swear, after watching the replay, at one point Turco was embarrassed by Ott's actions. Honestly, people always say "you only hate guys like that unless they're on your team". Nope. I wouldn't want either of those gutless pukes on my team (and contrary to Brickley, I don't give Avery any credit for picking his spot and going with Ference And all Avery did was reach down and tackle Andy....well, and throw a shot while he was falling. CHEAP and GUTLESS. But, they may have done the B's a huge favor. Games like that, when everyone....and I mean EVERYONE, steps in and defends each other, can do wonders for a team. To see Savard of all people dive on Avery and throw bombs after he boarded Lucic was impressive to say the least. Hell, even Kessel got involved in the scrums a couple times, and actually didn't look like he wanted to back down an inch. Kid hung in there and "showed up" for his teammates. The big scrum late in the third may have been the biggest "event" of the night......featuring Shane Hnidy just laying an absolute BEAT DOWN (speaking of Hnidy....he's another guy the "haters" can lay off now. Guy has been a solid veteran presence back there all year.) But the "signature moment" would probably have to be the absolute bomb of a hit Ference through on Ott. Perfectly clean and against the perfect guy. Justice. Of course, that spurred "tough guy" Avery to "go after" Ference. Whatever. Those two have to look themselves in the mirror, and I honestly don't know how Ott and Avery can feel good about themselves after that. As a teammate, how do you not snap at those guys and tell them to cut the BS? Everyone else ends up paying the price for their nonsense (just ask Kris Barch).
As far as the game itself, yet another OUTRAGEOUS performance by Thomas. B's gave up 21 shots in the second period (to 5 of their own). And Timmy held them in.....again. But this night at least, the offense woke up to score five of their own. Sturm, properly motivated by a demotion to the third line (although, getting to play with Krecji and Wheeler isn't much of a punishment), potted two. The kid just continues to impress with his speed and his shot. Best wrist shot I've seen since Tom Fergus (Johnny Pearson would be proud). Kess isn't just using his speed with the puck now either. He's becoming an effective fore-checker because of it, and is getting back on D as well. Do yourself a favor, and key in on him for a shift. If he plays anything like he did last night, you'll see constant motion, all at top speed. Can't say enough about his play this year. The defense got involved, with Stuart picking up a goal, and Chara jumping into the play constantly. The PK killed off all six man-down situations they faced.....which was a huge story lost in this game.

Bottom line, nothing not to like about this one. If every game was like that, you wouldn't be able to get a ticket to the "Garden". The kind of game you just don't mind paying to see. Some great goal tending, big hits, a few bouts, a lot of offense and more than a little "hate". that's a Saturday night at the ole hockey game!

With luck, this emotion and team unity they gained last night carries over to Thursday against the Leafs (and beyond) I suspect we'll see a similar effort against Toronto, after coughing up the lead to them last time out.
The season is getting interesting
Go B's- Kynch

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