Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Respect

Is Tim Thomas officially the Rodney Dangerfield of the NHL? The NHL released it's official All-Star ballots today, And lo and behold, which Eastern Conference goalie do you think is NOT on it. Surely, the guy who was named the #2 Star of the week in the league must be on it, right? Oh, that's true....I guess one week doesn't an All-Star make. OK, but for sure, the Guy with the best save percentage in the entire league must be on it, right? No? Wow. OK, but if a goalie has the second best goals against average in the NHL, he HAS to be included as a candidate at least, right? What?! What if all those numbers and accolades are the same guy. SURELY that qualifies him as an All-Star candidate? Sorry, that would make entirely too much sense. Tim Thomas, he of the best save %, 2nd best GAA and tied for the league lead in Shut outs, isn't even on the ballot for the NHL All-Star game. That my friends, is an embarrassment to the league and an insult to Thomas. WHAT MORE DOES HE HAVE TO DO? He has single handedly won Boston several games already this year. And, if like most people, you think of the All-Star selections as a cumulative vote from the previous season, nothing Timmy did last spring should hurt his chances this year. He was a force up to and including the playoffs last year, and has picked up right where he left off. here is the list of Eastern Conference goalies that DID make the ballot:

Martin Biron, Philadelphia Flyers, Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils, Rick DiPietro, New York Islanders, Marc-Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins, Kari Lehtonen, Atlanta Thrashers, Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers, Ryan Miller, Buffalo Sabres, Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens, Vesa Toskala, Toronto Maple Leafs, Tomas Vokoun, Florida Panthers

Are you serious! Couple great goalies there, to be sure. But really.....Rick Dipietro (he of a whopping 3 games played)? Marty Biron(3.79GAA, .874 save%)? Kari freaking Lehtonen? Vesa-I have an .895 save % -Toskela? UNREAL that Thomas isn't deemed worthy to be among that group. But hey, thank you NHL. Not that he needs any more motivation, but the "doubting Thomas'" out there may have just lit another spark under him.
I guess a .944 save% and 1.83GAA isn't enough for people to look past his "style" or whatever prejudice they have against him. Apparently if you LOOK the part and were a high draft pick, that's all you need to be considered to represent the league in it's "premiere event". Or maybe they just don't' want Thomas showing up in Montreal and out playing the over hyped, over rated headcase Carey Price. That's fine. I'd rather see him out play him in April or May anyway.


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