Monday, November 3, 2008

The face of shame

As much as I hate to pollute this site with images of cowardly, chickenshit low lifes, I thought putting a face to Steve Ott was worthwhile. This is what a disgraceful player looks like. This is the face of the "New NHL", where you can cheap shot, yap and do whatever you want, and not have to answer for your actions. "Back in the day", had Ott done anything like what he did Saturday at the Garden, he would have been pummeled. Now, with the instigator rules and all that, players have to "ask" for his cooperation, or face ejection and possible suspension. Thornton got a big break only getting the double minor for roughing when he went after Ott (or "Brave Steve" as Jack Edwards so aptly called him). Ott never dropped his stick or gloves. Shane Hnidy tried to engage Ott later on, and again Ott declined. I don't care which side of the fighting debate you're on, you can't tell me you watched his antics the other night and DIDN'T want someone to pound him.

If you aren't convinced that the Ott and Avery show is a pathetic embarrassment, all you need to see are their TEAMMATES comments. Here's a quote from Mike Modano immediately after the game: "Tonight it seemed to be idiotic," said Stars alternate captain Mike Modano of his team's identity. "It's stupid. It's one of the more embarrassing things I have seen, on the ice and involved with the fans. In 20 years, I haven't seen anything like it. If that's what we're going for, maybe I need to find myself an office job."
Those are comments Modano, a Captain, was willing to make to the press. What do you think the conversations were like in private? No way players like Modano, Morrow, Robidas and to a lesser extent, even the likes of Kris Barch can be too happy with these two. Barch had to fight Thornton because of all the bad blood Avery & Ott stirred up. And poor Matt Niskanen got absolutely hammered by Shane Hnidy because of a brawl touched off by yet another cheap shot from Avery.
When your own teammates start calling your actions embarrassing, maybe it's time to reconsider your tactics. But I think we all know these two jackasses will never change. The question is, will they end some one's career with a cheap shot before all is said and done?

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