Saturday, November 22, 2008

Game Day @ Habs 11/22/08

Before we get to the mayhem that is sure to be the Montreal game, a couple quick notes on last night's game vs Florida. Great to see Boston come out with a business like attitude and take care of the Panthers. Kessel and Savard hooking up on a couple fast break chances early resulted in Kessel's goal. LOVE seeing Kess use his wheels like he has been, and Savard just continues to amaze with his vision and skill. The anti-Kessel, but still incredibly skilled and talented, is David Krecji. Kid did such a nice job of slowing things down on the breakout that led to his goal. Two different styles, same results. Good stuff. Highlight of the night for most of us had to be another beat down by Lucic. This time he bloodied Nick Boynton in a completely one sided affair, initiated by Boynton. But I will say this, despite Fluto Shinzowa of the Boston Globe giving Boynton his "sin bin" nod, I give Boynton a ton of credit for stepping up and challenging Looch. Boynton knew who he was dropping 'em with. He was standing up for a teammate (as he always has). Speaking of Fluto, I also disagree with his seeming fascination with Lucic throwing down with Laraque tonight. That is not a fight Milan needs. It's trading your top LW for a guy that plays 5 minutes a night. No thanks. Besides the 5 minutes of ice time he'd lose, what happens if BGL tackles Lucic and he ends up hurting a shoulder or something? That pansy Komisarek is out a month after hurting his shoulder in the Lucic beat down. Not to mention that fighting BGL, IN Montreal, anything short of Looch absolutely hammering him will be a huge emotional lift for the Habs fans and players. And I think we can all agree that even if Looch won the fight, the chances of him dominating it are slim to none. So why bother? The down sides so clearly out weigh any of the positives it's a no decision. So on that note, I guess it's time to look forward to the Habs tonight. The Bruins have the "honor" of being the opponent for "Patrick Roy" night (speaking of which, he obviously deserves it, but I still find it funny that a guy that basically told them to F off and said "I will never wear this uniform again" is getting a night in his honor and his number retired. Awkward). Once again Montreal was sitting around resting last night while Boston was playing in a different city. That didn't help the Habs last time. But honestly, I really don't expect the B's to win tonight. On the deck-stacked-against-you scale, this is about as high as you can get. It's the second game of back to backs, on the road, against a hated rival you just laid a beating on last time out. The B's will have to sit through all the pomp and circumstance of Patrick Roy's ceremony. God knows how long the game will be delayed by that. Combine that event with the previous beat down, and the crowd will be in full throat from the get-go. Beyond that, Montreal hasn't been playing very good hockey lately, so they're a reasonably desperate team. Oh, and Laraque took all kinds of grief for not jumping Lucic after beating down Komipansy. Why? I have no idea. Fair fight that your guys has had coming for over a year.Your guy lost. It happens. Doesn't mean you have "avenge" him by throwing a useless thug over the boards. Pathetic. And to think, at one time I had a ton of respect for all those "Knowledgeable hockey fans" up in Montreal. I'm sure there are plenty that "get it", but they're being drowned out by the revenge at all costs crowd. Anyway, I'm sure Big Georges will be looking to make a statement tonight. So as much as I'd hate to see Looch waste his time with him, he may get forced into it. I'd much rather see Thornton step in, although losing Thornton for BGL isn't a fair trade either. Funny thing is, IF Thornton did stand in for Looch, Habs fans will be all up in arms claiming Looch is ducking BGL etc. Ironic, since those are the same people screaming for Laraque to "get Lucic" to protect/avenge Mouthysarek. Not sure who gets the start in net, but I'm assuming it will be Fernandez. I'm VERY curious to see how Carey Price plays tonight. Will he step up on Roy night? Or will he cave under the spotlight against a team that doesn't fear him at all. Say what you want Habs fans. Keep putting on that brave face. We all know that deep down, you all are concerned that he may not be as unflappable as you thought. At least not against Boston. This is a kid that has already had a bunch of horrible periods against the B's. I see real doubt in his eyes, and in your hearts. Predictions: As I said, I'd either have to be a complete homer, blind or a total idiot to expect a Bruins win. And I'm only a little but of each. With all the stars aligned like they are, I fully expect Boston to be on the PK all night. KingKrej and I discussed it last night, and we set the over-under on Montreal PP's at 6. And I'm betting the over. I fully expect the Habs to be in full dive mode tonight, and for the refs to happily play along. That being said, Boston, I think, keeps it close. I say, Montreal wins it a SO, because that seems to be the only way Montreal can win. My theory is, that's because nobody can hit you during the SO. BGL and Thornton will have a go tonight (with Chara as my wild card dance partner for Georgy). *the two things that could turn the game in Boston's favor are this. 1)Carey Price has a melt down and lets in a couple softies. 2)BGL and the boys try to stir the pot a little too much. That could backfire and spark the B's. This is a team that responds very well when teams try to physically intimidate them. So I hope Guy "The Rat" Carbonneau dresses every hammer head he can muster. That plays right into Boston's hands. Go B's-Kynch

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