Monday, November 17, 2008

Game Day @ Toronto 11/17/08

Short & sweet preview today, if only because it seems like we play these dopes every other day now. Word of the night for Boston has to be EFFORT. They barely showed up in Manhattan, they better make a big statement in TO. One game like the one at MSG Saturday is understandable, it happens. But if they follow it up with another lackluster effort.....well, you'll be sure to read about it here. Bottom line is, the B's are a WAY better team than the laughs, erm, Leafs. Their goaltending is a disgrace, and Boston needs to throw as much rubber at the net as possible. I don't care who they go with, Toskala or Cujo. Neither one could stop a beach ball lately. Could be a good night for Boston to ratchet it up a bit and have another five or six goal night. In fact, I'm calling 5-1 now. Screw it. Rough Stuff preview: Rough stuff? Toronto? Only "rough stuff" you're likely to see is a blatant cheap shop from Ryan Hollweg. Other than that, and Luke Schenn playing a fairly physical game, don't expect much in the way of "brawling". The Leafs are a very, very soft team. BUt hey, maybe if the B's start to light it up, someone gets frustrated enough to try & spark them (probably Hollweg). Predictions: Boston wins 5-1 on PP goals from Ryder & Sturm. Bergeron gets the monkey off his back and pots one too. Chara and Kobasew knock in the others. No fights, but Hollweg takes the patented punch in the mouth from Chara for being a punk. Go B's-Kynch

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